It’s A Small World After All

In my last post, I lamented the lack of enlightening fare being served up on the nation’s allegedly educational cable networks.  Perhaps I spoke too soon.

Check out this video from National Geographic, which kicked off their ongoing series investigating the impact of the human population on planet Earth, which is poised to pass seven billion this year.

Those are some astonishing statistics.  I’m also really digging the music.

I expect that the National Geographic Channel will have some programming to tie into the flagship magazine’s study of the population boom.  However, in a perfectly timed bit of thematic kismet, the BBC has already begun promoting its next landmark survey of the natural world.  This time the subject is us.

The moral of the story so far is that the next time you can’t find a parking spot or your iPhone drops a call, just remember that you could be ice fishing in Siberia with your life on the line.  Seriously, though, Human Planet looks absolutely fascinating, and I hope one of my maligned Discovery networks will pick it up Stateside.

I know.  I’m a tremendous dork.  But a proud one.

~ T


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