It’s Kickball Time!

There’s more than one exciting outdoor sport that starts each spring.  I’m pleased to announce that after a self-imposed sabbatical, I will be returning to Momma Johnson Park with my partners in crime for another season of Hoboken Kickball!

Our first game is scheduled for tomorrow.  In the past few days, I’ve tried to catch up with my teammates to get their thoughts on some of the finer points of the game, and to see if they would dish on the rest of our stellar squad.  Here’s what they had to say…

You have a wild night out in the city.  It’s almost 4 AM by the time you find the nearest PATH station.  Who is the one member of the kickball team you want with you on that ride from hell, and why?

Amanda, team member since 2010, former Color War captain:
I’d have to pick my fiancé, George.  We’d entertain ourselves by making fun of the other passengers’ attire/drunkenness/beer tears.  Since it’s 4 in the morning, we’d be starving, so we’d spend the rest of the trip having to face the hard decision of choosing between Taco Truck or Seven Star Pizza.

George and Amanda, in team apparel

Which is worse, a 7:00 game or a 10:00 game?


Jill, seasoned veteran, still not as old as Josh thinks she is:
A 10 PM game is far worse.  Once the game is played, then it’s roulette to see who will man up and go to the bar at 11 PM on what one would call a “school night”.  A 7PM game means a hearty happy hour(s) after the game, which usually is cause for more shenanigans than drinking before the game.

Brandon, rookie, recruited from dodgeball:
A 7 PM game is far worse.  Assuming most people are getting home from work somewhere between 5:30-6:30, this does not leave ample time for copious amounts of happy hour drinks to be consumed before the game.  Of course, I have no problem with the obligatory drinking at work either, but I prefer the bar.

George, team member since 2010, too cool for a number:
A 7:00 game is way worse than a 10:00 game because I’m the only one who has enough time to get home and get to happy hour.


Erin, second season recruit, infamous team mouthpiece:
I think the 10 PM games are worse because I am getting old and I really need a good night’s sleep.  Otherwise the next day is miserable.  I just can’t party like a rock star during the week anymore.

Which member of the team will be the first to be ejected from a game this season?

Spitz, original team member, batting order magician:
Scott.  We’ll probably be the ones to eject him, too.

Josh, second season recruit, pioneer of failed “jeans = sportswear” movement:


She wasn't kidding!

Stacy.  Now that she lives in Hoboken, she won’t mind being thrown out early to get more drinking in!

Stacy, product of West Orange farm system, the artist formerly known as Ol’ Whiskey Lips:
Hey, who took the initiative to go SOBER for 6 months and then run a marathon?  I have become quite the runner, thank you very much.  I’m still planning on dancing during and after our games, despite my lack of alcohol consumption.

Describe the most obnoxious behavior you’ve encountered from an opposing player?

The most obnoxious behavior was from our own Goddamnit Scott Gerber! [Ed. Note: Said behavior redacted due to content standards.  But you’re invited to use your imaginations.]

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post-game report!

~ T


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