Summer Kickball 2011 – Week 4

Howdy, fans!  Here’s an abridged report on our most recent battle at Momma Johnson Park, one which went decidedly in our favor.

We were on the late shift this time, scheduled for a 10 PM start.  We made the most of our free time, dining first at Gaslight and then taking over a table at West Five.  Brandon and Kish dominated any and all competition in beer pong.  Perhaps their wide margins of victory were a sign of things to come?  Other pre-game highlights included Rachael’s deep pondering of social mores (“Do I have to say hello just because we went to the same high school?”) and Volpe delivering–and later devouring–zeppoles from the nearby St. Anne’s Festival.  There was so much powdered sugar on his face he could have been mistaken for Michael Irvin at an NFL draft party.

When we got to the field, our long-suffering umpire of choice, Jerry, was waiting for us.  He looked thrilled to see us stumbling past the bleachers.  Our opponents for the evening were the Light Green team, a mixed bag of competitors whose only defining characteristic would prove to be that they were worse than us.

Most of our team was on hand for the game, though we were going to be short on ladies.  Continuing to further his reputation as the team pimp, Jeff volunteered two of his angels, Kelly and Stephanie, to join the squad.  The last of our ladies to arrive was Jill, who had come straight from work and proudly produced a premeditated batting order, scribbled onto a pale yellow Post-It note.  That’s dedication, people.  (And that’s major alliteration, too)

The game got off to a rollicking start.  By the third inning, we were up 7 – 2.  We were stymied for a short while, but the Light Green rotation soon fell apart.   We came off the field in the seventh (well before Jerry’s unnecessary ten minute warning expired) with a 13 – 4 victory to savor.  There isn’t much else to say.  We played our best yet, and it was almost a week ago, so my memory’s fading.

We still haven’t lost a game.  Can we remain technically undefeated for another week?  We’ll find out tomorrow.

Record:  2-0-2
MVP of the Week: The honor goes to Jeff, not only for his flawless female recruiting, but for finally adding an inside-the-park home run to his offensive stats.
Weekly Not En Fuego Award: Given everyone’s stellar efforts, I’m giving this to perpetual absentee Amanda.  Where are you, girl?  The newbies are starting to think I made you up.
Quote of the Week: “I didn’t know your names ahead of time, so I just have you down as Jeff’s Lady 1 and Jeff’s Lady 2.” ~ Jill, explaining her batting order to Kelly and Stephanie

~ T


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