Summer Kickball 2011 – Playoffs

Well, sports fans, after facing the wrath of Hurricane Irene, Hoboken recovered and Momma Johnson Park was finally declared playable.  Though, from what I understand, that decision was just barely permissible.  Last Thursday, after constant rain delays, the summer kickball season resumed with our single elimination playoffs.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there, but I got the skinny from my intrepid Turquoise teammates.

How did we fare?  Not well.  We were drop-kicked out of competition in the first round, losing 26 – 8.  “It was ugly,” said Laura.  “I say, if you’re gonna lose, lose big.”  George was particularly bummed, reporting that “the field was a mud pit” and “we didn’t have enough people.”  I asked how the game was allowed to go on without a full roster, but when he told me that the ref was The White Queen from Week 2, I understood.  I demand a do-over!  At least Brandon kept his optimism.  “There’s always next year,” he said.

Yes, that is true, dear readers.  There will always be another year of our patented schoolyard shenanigans to keep you entertained.  What will our motley crew get up to in the meantime?  Well, George, Jill, former team member Liz, and Yours Truly ran a 5K on Saturday.  I clocked a new personal best!  As for non-athletic pursuits, Jill, Brandon, emergency sub Lynda, and team founder Spitz recently crossed the canal and put their lives and livers in my hands for a downtown Jersey City bar crawl.  It was quite a success, and we hope to expand the group in the future.  And there may be a wedding or two this fall at which all your favorites will be featured.  Keep checking back for updates!

~ T


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